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Worth the Wait

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offers entertaining yet meaningful plays for your youth drama ministry.  Upon ordering the play(s) of your choice, you are given an authorization number(s), which grants you the right to produce the play(s) as frequently as you desire.

Worth the Wait is a royalty-free play - Great for youth department or community organization fund-raisers.Cost:  $18.00 (electronic download)

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This full length play is written for teenagers.

The Children's Fund reports that 1 out of 8 teenagers become pregnant.  Seeing a need to minister to our teens, Pamela wrote this play.  

 It deals with a teenager's struggle to overcome her disappointment in her absentee father and her anger at her career driven mother ; as well as her battle to keep her virginity in the midst of her loneliness and pressure from her popular boyfriend.   



Melinda -  teenager struggling with feelings of being rejected by her father and being pressured to have sex.  She’s angry with her mother because she never seems to have time for her. (leading role) (age = 15-16)


Gary - Melinda’s boyfriend (leading role)


Regina - Melinda’s best friend (leading role)


Mercedes – Attractive teen who is sexually active and proud of it


Tonya - a teen who has had a baby and learned from her choices.


Bill – Teen male who is dating Mercedes


Sue – Teen who is sexually active and very vocal about it


Dwayne – Male teen who is sexually active and proud (he also runs track)


Jason – Christian male who is a virgin


Janice – Teen who prays opening prayer at rap session (she also runs track)


Ms. Jones – Melinda’s Mom, a youth director and a good singer.  She is still angry with her husband for leaving her for another woman and she has poured herself into a very successful career to ease the pain.


Grandma Jones – Melinda’s Grandma and Ms. Jones’ mother-in-law


Ms. Betty – Youth Director


Six or Seven other youth or more can be used to attend the rap session



 Product:     Cost:  $18.00

Excerpts from play:

Excerpts from SCENE I

 Setting:  In the Jones’ living room.  Very nicely decorated. They are preparing for a brief rap session with a small group of teenagers who regularly attend the church’s Bible Class.

 Ms. Jones – (preparing for the rap session with a group of teens from church. She sits a bowl of potato chips on the coffee table.  Calls for Melinda) – Melinda, c’mon.  They will be here any minute now.

 Melinda – (slowly enters the room – upset) Why do we always have to have the rap session here?

 Ms. Jones – Because we only have two youth directors, Betty and myself.  I agreed to host all the rap sessions and she agreed to drive the van.

 Melinda. -  (Placing paper cups and napkins on the kitchen table) Whatever. 

 Ms. Jones – (sympathetically, facing Melinda) I know you’re disappointed that your father didn’t show up today but please adjust your attitude and we’ll talk after the session.  O.K.? 

Melinda – (Silence)

 Ms. Jones. – Did you hear me?

 Melinda – (reluctantly) Yeah.  We’re always going to talk about it later.  That’s O.K.   Ain’t nothing to talk about.  (walks toward the couch).

 Excerpts from Scene II

 (Knock on door. Stereo playing Ben Tankard “Git Your Praize On”  Melinda looks a little more perky than earlier.  She opens the door.)

 Gary (enters, has one arm behind his back)   Alright now, you jammin!

 Melinda – (turns stereo off)   What are you doing here? 

Gary – I came to see how you’re doing and to bring you some ice cream (brings the arm he has behind his back forward and gives Melinda a pint of ice cream)

 Melinda (smiling as she takes the ice cream from Gary)  Thanks. That’s sweet.

 Gary – I know it’s not Baskin Robbins . . .

 Melinda – (interrupting) It’s fine.

 Gary – Where’s your Mom?

 Melinda – Gone, like you need to be before she gets back.

 Gary – Please! Your mom is never here (walks toward couch and sits)

 Melinda – (softly; still standing)  I know.

 Gary – Where does she be?

Melinda – Church, work - everywhere but here.

 Gary – You ought to be glad, least she isn’t breathing down your neck every five seconds.

 Melinda – I guess.  (puts ice cream in kitchen)

 Gary  - (admiring Melinda) Sit down.  (patting sofa)

 Melinda - I think you better leave.  Remember last time?

 Gary - (jokingly) – Yeah, that was nice. You almost got loose on me!

 Melinda – (nervously) Look, you better leave.

 Gary – I’m just playing.  I’m not going to try anything.  Now, sit down.

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Prices listed are subject to change without notice: The prices are correct in our online store


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