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The Road to Freedom

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The Road to Freedom

(Black History Play)   - Royalty Free

Excerpts from Play - Copyrighted materials - all rights reserved.

NOTE: This play is extracted from our master play, "The Road Back to Equality"

Changes have been made for the sake of time, but if you have already purchased "The Road Back to Equality" do NOT purchase this one as it is included within it.

Table of Contents  (please click here for excerpts of the play)

Director’s Notes



Obama Wins!

Estevanico (Esteban)

Spain and the Americas

Jamestown Settlement


The Changing Laws

Slavery in Full Swing

Virginia Slave Act of 1669

Revolutionary War

Colonel Tye

Declaration of Independence

After the Revolutionary War

Dred Scott

Chief Justice Taney

President Abraham Lincoln

Emancipation and General Granger


Narrator: History has a way of changing, depending upon who is telling it. Well, I invite you to take a journey with me through the true history of slavery. It is a journey on the road to freedom. Somehow, in man’s search of gold, Africans became more valuable, causing men and women of varying countries, races, social, and cultural backgrounds to lay aside what they knew was humane and morally right and to justify what was done to a race of people as nothing more than a business transaction...

Hunted like animals, stripped of family, property, inheritance, and dignity, someway, we found strength to fight and rise out of the ashes of burnt homes, severed limbs, inhumane treatment, and shattered families. Our voice is lifted high that we shall overcome.

In this play we endeavor to briefly walk you through history of slavery, allowing you to have a glimpse of the struggle and reminding you of the cost­—freedom is not free. The Road to Freedom has been paved with the blood, pain, and anguish of our fore parents and those of other races who joined in and even sometimes helped to spearhead the fight.


"The Road to Freedom" is one of the most informative Black History plays, giving a glimpse of the beginning of slavery in America and the emancipation of slaves. 

A great deal of research has gone into making this compilation of plays thorough, enlightening, and entertaining.

It includes lyrics to historical songs as well as some sheet music.

This play is not divided in Acts and Scenes, but in Events and Eras. It walks you through the beginning and ending of slavery in America.

This play is a great educational tool as well as a masterpiece of theatrical work.

This is play is 2 hours (with music) . It includes the lyrics and some sheet music, it is 84 pages.

Click here to see a detail overview with times for each era and excerpts.

This is a walk through history of slavery in America and the emancipation of slaves. A great learning tool that you need to take your church, students, school, and community.

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