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is operated by Turning Point Publications and it offers just the right play for you to start an adult drama ministry. 

Below is a list of our plays that we have for adult audience and/or participants.   We are currently writing most of our plays for adults but we do have a few available to ship today.  Upon purchasing the play(s) of your choice, you automatically receive a link, allowing you to download your order.  Please click on any of the navigation bars above to view our complete list of plays that are currently available.  

We accept Visa & MasterCard. Order your play today by clicking here on Turning Point Publications store then click on Christian Plays.

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Plays are available via electronic download only.

NOTE: The plays are in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Most computers come with this software already installed on them. If you do not have Adobe you may download it for free by logging on to: and following the online steps.

List of Plays for Adults

bulletA Voice From the Past For the Future (black history play)
bulletAll I Want For Christmas
bulletHere's a Good Man (Excellent for Father's Day)
bulletMidnight Cry (Great for New Year's Eve)
bulletMade Free to Praise Him (Great for celebrating Christ's Resurrection or any day)

A Mother's Prayer (great for Mother's Day)


Church Folks


Broken Promises (click here for additional information)  

All I Want For Christmas

This full length play is written for all ages.  It is about a poor family who's father became addicted to crack and left his family.  The Christian mother of three young children is left trying to pick up the pieces.  As Christmas approaches, the mother is faced with having to deal with the bitterness of her young daughter who can't grasp why in her mind her father no longer cares about her; and the father is struggling to find his way back.  Your church will be touched as it witnesses what many families experience on a daily basis, not just during Christmas.

Click here for even more details on the play or to place your order

Here's A Good Man  (Father's Day or any day you're looking for a positive male role model).  Sterling is a hard working Christian man who loves his wife but finds himself left alone picking up the pieces.  This play is an excellent example of a "Good Man".   Click here to go to the play's complete description and for ordering information.

Midnight Cry  (click title for excerpts from play)

Our  most requested play!   This full length play is written for all ages.  It focuses on a local church at the time of the rapture.  

We've heard a hundred times that Jesus is soon to return.  Is He really?  All Pastor Brown knows is that "we know not the day nor the hour when the Son of Man shall appear, for He shall come as a thief in the night."  Only He is not a thief; He will only take what is His. Therefore, Pastor Brown's message to you is - Be Ready!

"Midnight Cry" shows how some will be disappointed when Judgment Day comes.  You will laugh and you will be inspired to "get your house in order."  







Demon #1- (during judgment he/she leads the condemned souls to their final destiny)


Demon #2 - (during judgment he/she leads the condemned souls to their final destiny)


Angels- (two angels that stand on either side of Jesus at the Judgment)


Deacon Falls - (in his early 50s, always well dressed.  Married but somewhat of a playboy; very controlling)


Eric Jones (Well groomed, loves the Lord, bold .  In his Mid 40s,  President of Mens Department and a deacon)


Minister Miles - (handsome, late 20s to early 30s, married to Jennifer; charismatic)


Jennifer Miles (Minister Miles wife, late 20s to early 30s, fighting to keep her marriage and to see her husband live what he preaches. Shes in the choir and is able  to sing well)


Ministers (at least three ministers that work the altar during church service)


Keisha Moore (flirtatious teenager who is suspected of dating the musician)


Missionary Moore - (Older lady, always quoting scriptures and pointing out peoples sins)


Darnell (handsome, flirty, well dresser, good sense of humor. Hes the musician)


Sis. Lee (Mid 40s to early 50s. Shes the church gossiper)


Sis. Luke (in her mid twenties, very sweet personality.  Shes the choir director.  (if your director is a male, change to Bro. Luke and adapt accordingly).




Congregation (for the scenes involving the church setting)


Pastor Brown (he is in his early to mid 40s, charismatic, he has a great speaking voice and is a man of integrity)


Sis. Burnett (Sis. Lees best friend. Shes in her mid 40s and very vocal and complains a lot)


Margie choir member




Sis. Thomas -  (in the choir, always has a negative attitude)


Carolyn -  (video only)


Michelle (teenager who witnesses to Keisha)


Unnamed Female - (talking to Deacon Falls after church )

Product # MC-2042    Cost:  $18.00 ( e-mailed.)

Click here for even more details on the play or to place your order

A Mother's Prayer (Mother's Day or any day)


This full length play is excellent for Mother's Day and is written for all ages.  It is about a praying mother who refused to give up.  She stood firm and held her family together through difficult times.   She wouldn't let her oldest son be swallowed up in drugs, even if it meant snatching him out of the hands of the devil himself.  To some she didn't have much but if they only knew the power that she possessed when she prayed.

After producing this play at a church, I received one of the greatest compliments from a mother who said she saw herself and her son throughout the play and how it ministered to her.

Click here for even more details on the play or to place your order

Product # MP-2028    Cost:  15.00

(for adults and youth)

Made Free to Praise Him (modern play for Easter or any day)

This full-length (but abbreviated) play deals with a family's struggle with an unsaved father who finally realizes his need for the Savior.  Within the play is the betrayal of Jesus by Judas, Pilate turning him over to the crowd and his resurrection. Please click on the link below to download the attached for excerpts from the play.  The document is in Adobe Reader.

Made Free To Praise Him Excerpts.pdf

Click here for even more details on the play or to place your order.

Cost:  $13.00 (email)

Church Folks 

Every church has at least one Gloria Gossiper, Nosey Natalie, Know-it-All Kevin, Oscar the Overcomer, Rejoicing Regina, Negative Nadine, Sanctified Sharon, Busy Bob, etc. We invite you to come and take a glimpse at Church Folks and pray that it will help us to see ourselves and change where we need to change and be encouraged as we see how far we have come. 

Click here for even more details on the play or to place your order.

Broken Promises

Click here for details about this play


Excellent fundraiser!  Raise funds for your church and/or organization by producing one of our plays.  You simply purchase one of our plays and receive the authorization number which allows you to produce the play as frequently as you desire.  So for one nominal cost, you can raise hundreds to benefit your church and/or organization. 


Jumpstart your drama ministry by ordering one of our plays today!


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