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is operated by Turning Point Publications, LLC and it offers just the right play for you to start an adult drama ministry. Upon ordering the play(s) of your choice, you are given an authorization number(s), which grants you the right to produce the play(s) as frequently as you desire.   It offers an opportunity for your church and or community to put on plays that will entertain you and minister to you.  You will laugh and you will rejoice as your church and/or community produces one of the God-inspired plays we have grouped below. 

What is really great is that these plays are offered at such a nominal fee that anyone can afford them!  What a great way for your church and/or community to raise money as you put on your own production!  We are also pleased to say that some teens love them just to read among their family and/or friends. They are also great discussion starters for youth groups!

So don't hesitate - Order your play today!

Plays are sent via email only.

  • We accept Visa & MasterCard.

    To pay now by credit card click here  go to Turning Point Publications, online store then click on Royalty-Free Plays.  

    The play will be emailed to you.

  • Plays are sent within seconds of receipt of your payment, 365 days/year.  If you do not receive your order within 10 minutes of making payment, please email us ASAP; as there may be a problem with your email address (Spam blocker, incorrect email address, etc) or you typed in the incorrect email. 

    Plays are processed daily; books and CDs are processed during business hours only.


    After we  receive your payment we will e-mail you the play(s) in Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you do not have Acrobat Reader you can download for free by visiting


    We only email our plays as attachments using Adobe Reader, no other format.  The majority of computers come equipped with Adobe Reader, if you have an older computer, you can download Adobe Reader for free (use the above link).  Also, please ensure that your email box is not full.



    Please click on the categories below to view plays by titles. 
    Plays for Special Occasions

    Looking for just the right play for Mother's Day, Christmas, New Year's, Father's Day or Black History?  We have plays that will minister to while entertaining your congregation.


    Plays for Teens

    Are you a youth pastor or youth leader?  We have just the play for your teenagers.  Or are you a parent looking for an innovative way to communicate the abstinence message to your teenager?  Parents have found our Worth the Wait play an excellent way to help get the message across.   


    Plays for Adults

    Looking for a way to get your adults more involved in ministry?  Drama is an excellent way.  You would be amazed at the hidden talent sitting in your pews.  


    Upcoming Plays

    We look forward to releasing more plays in the very near future. 


    Excellent fundraiser!  Raise funds for your church and/or organization by producing one of our plays.  You simply purchase one of our plays and receive the authorization number which allows you to produce the play as frequently as you desire.  So for one nominal cost, you can raise hundreds to benefit your church and/or organization. 


    Jumpstart your drama ministry by ordering one of our plays today!


    Plays are only sent via E-Mail.


    After we  receive your payment we will e-mail you the play(s) in Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you do not have Acrobat Reader you can download for free by visiting



    In addition to Visa & MasterCard we also accept PayPal
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    Prices listed are subject to change without notice: The prices are correct in our online store


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    Our office closes annually May 12-May 20 and December 1 - January 6 But Plays are processed daily, Books, CDs, etc are still processed Mon - Thurs.  Emails are responded within 48 hours.


    We do not give refunds - please read your scripts carefully and email us with any questions prior to placing your order. Although we have had no more than five refund requests in years, we discovered that 90% of those who requested a refund still produced our plays. Everyone who confesses to be a Believer does not possess Godly characteristics.

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