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A Mother's Prayer

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This full length play is excellent for Mother's Day and is written for all ages.  It is about a praying mother who refused to give up.  She stood firm and held her family together through difficult times.   She wouldn't let her oldest son be swallowed up in drugs, even if it meant snatching him out of the hands of the devil himself.  To some she didn't have much but if they only knew the power that she possessed when she prayed.

This play has been produced by churches and community organizations with wonderful comments and results.

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Mom - Mrs. Evelyn Murrell (early to mid-40s; sheís a nurse and a strong Christian woman who has compassion and understanding.  She is a prayer warrior)


 Darlene Ė (daughter, 15 years old, a good singer, excellent speaker.  She is just starting to date and is learning how to handle her emotions)


 Derrick Ė (oldest son, handsome 16 years-old, selling drugs.  He has a great speaking voice.)


 Tony  - youngest son, 7 years-old


 Tasha Ė youngest daughter, 9 years-old


 Sylvia Ė Darleneís best friend and next door neighbor








 Marlon (Derrickís friend, 17 years old)


Excerpts from Play

Copyright Material  - All Rights Reserved.

Scene I

Setting:  The Murrells Living Room, nicely furnished.  The girls are  dressed casually and playing UNO.

Darlene:  (pulling from the deck of UNO cards) Girl, did you hear that Darryl is having a party next weekend?

Sylvia:  I know.  Itís all over school!  Are you going?

Darlene:  Girl, you know my momma.

Sylvia:  And you know my momma, too.  So, are you going?

 Darlene:  I want to.  But with Derrick in and out of trouble, Iím not trying to put myself in harms way. 

 Sylvia:  Harmís way?  What are you talking about?

 Darlene:  Iím talking about Momís belt!

 Sylvia:  (laughing)  Girl, youíre crazy.

 Tasha: (enters and stands at the quietly at the door)

 Darlene:  Look, I like living, okay.

 Sylvia: Stop tripping.  All we need is a plan.  Weíll just have Janice call and invite us over for a slumber party or something.  You know how crazy my momma is about Janice and she thinks she does no wrong.

 Darlene: Thatís your momma.  My momma ainít crazy about nobody but Jesus.  She has this way of knowing when somebody is not telling her the truth.  Girl let me tell you (laughing as she remembers the incident).  Derrick with his ole crazy self,  tried  to pull a fast one on Mom.  He got cold busted.  One night he sneaked out of the house after everyone went to sleep.  Well, when he came in at 3 a.m. Mom was in his room, sitting in the dark waiting on him....

 Tasha:  (walks over & sits on arm of the couch)... Scared Derrick to death! (laughing)

 Darlene:  (cuts her eyes at Tasha) Derrick walked in and turned on the light and all you heard was this loud yell from Derrick.  Mom asked him where had he been and he started trying to make up stuff. Child when Mom got through with him... (slight pause - looks as if she is visualizing the incident)  How she knew he was gone, I donít know.  She just knows these things.

Scene II

  Setting:  Kitchen Table

Derrick and Mom are already engaged in a conversation.  Mom has a large bowl in her hands and a large spoon.


Derrick:  Mom, you just donít understand, Iím almost seventeen!   Iím not a baby anymore! 

Mom:  (trying to be patient) Son, I do understand.  Believe me,  I do.

 Derrick:  Then why canít you just turn me loose.  Stop hounding me!  Iím just trying to make a little money so you donít have to work so hard.

 Mom:  I donít mind working but I do mind what you are doing.

 Derrick:  And what am I doing Mom?  Huh?  What am I doing?

 Mom:  Baby, Mom wasnít born yesterday.

 Derrick: What am I doing Mom?

 Mom:  Selling drugs.

 Derrick:  (sits at table)  So, what if I am?

 Mom:  So!  (shakes her head and turns her back briefly)  Derrick I know Iíve given you everything I could.  Youíve never missed a meal, you have nice clothes, your own room, you have my love... Why, just tell me why?

 Derrick:  Money.  I need some money.  I can make more in an hour than most people make all day.

 Mom:  For what?  What are you doing with the money?

 Derrick:  Mom, you shouldnít have to work like you do.

 Mom:  Baby, donít act like youíre doing this for me.  Because youíre not.  Youíre doing this for Derrick and Derrick only.

 Derrick:  (rising)  And your point?

 Mom:  (firmly) Boy, you better sit down.

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