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Keeping checking back for our new skits and plays for every occasion, including Pastor's Appreciation, Mother's Day, Annual Usher's Day,

Also, educational skits, including topics such as bullying, teen suicide,



All I Want for Christmas

All-I-Want-for-Christmas-Icon A full-length royalty-free Christmas play available for electronic download.
1 hour to 1.5 hours in length depending upon your song selections

Play is available for immediate download

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Play Info This modern Christmas play embodies today's time while embracing scenes of the birth of our Savior
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The Birth of the King - Christmas Play

Birth-of-the-King This full length play is told from the perspective of a Barnabas, an elderly man who has been waiting on the coming Messiah, like many generations before him. He has become disillusioned. However, all of that is about to change because the word on the street is, "The Savior has come." Great for Christmas or any day!

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Play Info Length: 60 to 65 minutes
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The Gift of God - Christmas Play

Gift-of-God--Play-Icon This full length play is a mixture of the traditional story of the birth of Christ with a little bit of application for today. It is set to the backdrop of a local church where a teenager, Michelle, stirs her church into moving outside its church's wall and to fulfill James 1:27.

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Play Info Length: Approximatel50 minutes
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'Tis the Season for a Change - Christmas Play


Synopsis: Scarlett Morgan hasn’t had an easy life. She lost her father when she was seven and her mother at the age of 17. She raised her younger sister Michelle and later raised her only cousin, Fred. She grew up poor and was teased by the children in school. At a young age she made herself a promise, “I will never be poor again.” Driven by her desire to never eat Roman Noodles again, she buried herself in her work, soon becoming the owner of the most successful advertising agency in the country.


However, it came with a price. She had become hard, mean, and stingy. Her unkindness was only magnified during the Christmas season. Her employee, Barbara said Scrooge was an ideal employer compared to Scarlett. Michelle, Scarlett’s sister had reached her end and had been praying for a change in Scarlett.


Michelle prayers are answered and two angels visit Scarlett to show her herself and to warn her that if she didn’t change the very thing that she feared would come upon her.


Yes, this Christmas marks a season of change for Scarlett.


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Play Info Length: apprx 90 minutes (depends on song selections and pace of actors)
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What Child is This

What Child is This

Synopsis: Taken from the Narrator’s Introduction of the play: We have heard the birth of Jesus told from various views. Today we will give you a glimpse through the eyes of Mary and Joseph—both living in Nazareth, a small, often overlooked city in Galilee. In fact, it is not mentioned in the Old Testament.


Joseph, a carpenter is in the midst of his year-long engagement to Mary, when suddenly their lives are forever changed. Mary must choose between embracing the prophecy or risk becoming an outcast. Joseph must decide to trust Mary and believe in what seems impossible. It has been four hundred years since anyone has had a word from the Lord. No prophecy. No angelic visitation. Joseph has to find a way to believe that he and Mary and her cousins Elisabeth and Zacharias have been elected by God to not only hear from Him after generations of silence, but to be the ones to usher in and birth the Messiah.


What child is this, born of a virgin entrusted into the care of an earthly father who is a carpenter?

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Play Info

Length: 75-85 min (estimated dependent upon your song selections)

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Why Was Jesus Born (skit)

Why Was Jesus Born Christmas Skit for Children

SCRIPTURE REFERENCE: Isaiah 9:6 For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

TIME: 15 minutes

GENRE: Children’s Christmas Skit

CAST BREAKDOWN: 1 Adult F, 2M children, 2F children

SUGGESTED USE: Christmas Service,  services to teach sharing, kindness, etc

SYNOPSIS: It is the Christmas season and Ms. Thomas decides to teach her class on the reason why Jesus was born.

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Play Info Time: Approximately 15 min
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Skits for Sermons - Sermon Illustrations

Skits-for-Sermons Skits to accompany sermons
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Coming 2017 we will be uploading skits to add visual illustrations to your sermons!
Skits for Illustrations Looking for another way to communicate the gospel or to enhance your sermons? Checkout our biblical based message skits.
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Christian Skits - More Choices Coming Soon!

PlaysbyPam-Skits Christian skits for all occasions!

More coming in 2017!

  We are working on skits for all your occasions, including Pastor's Anniversary, Women and Men's Days, Usher Day, Bullying, and so much more.
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Plays and Skits for Schools and Other Educational Purposes

School-Edu-Skits-Plays-icon Plays and skits that are great for educational purposes.

Available 2017
  Plays and skits that deal with real-life issues such as bullying, dropouts, suicide, peer pressure and more!
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